पानी / 水 / water / el agua /الماء

rivers, lakes, oceans, streams, waterfalls, waves, ponds, creeks & rain from all over the world, we are the water with some additives, mystical liquid, you know?

#0009.9 gold'n blood gift shop

this is just a pond, unnamed spot, in the middle of nowhere you manipulate light, just a little and everything changes - can you see? so what is and how is the relation

#0016 mekong silver stone of claims

here you have another expression of great mekong waterfall 
it reminds me of the stone of claims, near the siloam pond, old ur sha lim a place where you could leave something that

#0044 varanasi fire puja

it is a special time, in the northern hemisphere - the place i was raised at & in the culturaly quasi or semi-semitic & christianised populations this time of the year is connected with awakening,

#0077 [a/v] C0004 ocean sea

this is a true 1:1 captured moment it is a file coming straight from the camera hence the sound, from built-in microphone and the dirty cut, no editing: contrast or stuff, you

#0010 [a/v] polem beach sunset ballet

just a random moment: earth in 2017 not perfect, no investment involved just some people like you and i doing their everyday stuff yet this place: a small world untouched by commerce, polution