sound / 声音 / صوت / el sonido / ध्वनि

immerse your self in the natural audio ambiance theater: catching some wind, forests, exotic city havoc, the endemic silence of distant universes

#0009.9 gold'n blood gift shop

this is just a pond, unnamed spot, in the middle of nowhere you manipulate light, just a little and everything changes - can you see? so what is and how is the relation

#0101 the old fangorn forest of ents

this video was taken on the slopes of a volcanic caldera 
 pico de teide, the island of tenerife, somewhere in 2014
 the audio was harvested near the budy village, poland, 2013 graphical, vein-like

#0016 mekong silver stone of claims

here you have another expression of great mekong waterfall 
it reminds me of the stone of claims, near the siloam pond, old ur sha lim a place where you could leave something that