So, are you just waiting for the world to end? I was.  For so many years, starting from early childhood i was expecting 'it' to come during my lifetime. Sometimes being afraid of it, every other day hoping for it. Imagining it? No need to; there it was: the popular culture has worked as an inspiring confirmation of our worst fears. Catastrophic and dystopian decadent stuff has been just overflowing lately. Have you noticed? Have you also noticed that the voices of positivity, the truly faithful or constructive ones are so rare these days?

Well, this is my attempt at saving the earth. Literally: some basic motion pictures to take underground or into the space when the time comes, like an emotional arc of earthly memories. It has many other potential functions - use cases that i will thoroughly discuss in the future. For now: you do what you want with it: relax, meditate, use as a screensaver, on your tv as a lamp of a certain color or as an anti-bs content to destimulate or detraumatize your brain cells. A reminder that there is a world out there.

Perhaps this is also my personal record of an attempted failure. In my opinion one should not be an errant knight unconsciously, you know? So when the idea came to i, it seemed so naive, simple-minded, childish, innocent, and laughable that i had to give it a go with an open heart.

The failure succeed, multifold.

First: as a collective effort to build a sustainable species- society; when day after day we see more and more solid proofs of the collapse. Our culture, being a part and parcel of the nature, getting destroyed by so called civilization - off course!

Second: as my naive post humane postapocalyptic approach at saving the earth as merely a collection of moments. And building a global community of people that might share the idea with i. What was i thinking?

Third: as my personal goal to play a truly useful member of the community, justifying my oxygen consumption and making the ends meet at the same time.

Yet: the collection manifested and it is not mine to keep. So i start sharing it today in the most simple way possible: as a personal blog. Although it was and is supposed to be a social thing. I hope that there is a better way of cross-cultural communication than through english imperial code. Let’s start with sharing impressions of places. We’ll see where it gets us.