the idea

the idea

in short:

i share my joy of being, amusement of this creation called earth, thank you.
if you have a similar content to share - please contact me, we will publish it.

#spacescreen,  a spacetime machine,

audiovisual library, like a vault, an archive of the planet: how it felt to be here while it was still habitable: it is the hightme to start  this database 'cause if one day we need to leave this place, it would be a good idea to have such a device: like a multisensory landscape seedbank , a landshaft to escape to, a refuge; sort of a retro teleportation tool, so it is

#savingthearth, literally

& because this is still the only space ship the earthlings have, i  believe that, who knows? we might reconsider keeping it after all? at the same time ensuring the preservation of the species. so first lets take a look at nature, it is the:

#neuart, of the art-i-ficial world

a paradoxical anagram:  these days we are so into the screens that experiencing the outside within the frame, amidst the firehoose streaming of digital content: old school tv, streaming-binge-watching-services, tiktok scrolling...
...might be a quasi magical experience


if not for you, it's for the children. if you do not need it, maybe your kid will  
live long and prosper