the content

the content

1:1 accurate, exact, authentic, solid, detailed, true, factual, pristine, organic, pure

This is a collection of ambiance - long moments caught on camera. Most of them are single frames - since that was the original concept: to preserve window-view-like material for future space stations, space ships and underground hideaways or bunkers. It is the successor of landscape pictures, my gift for future landscape archeologists, for their landscape, earth view museums.

The greek word mimesis stands for all kinds of mimetic relation. It was defined in many different ways during last three thousands years. There is something to it that escapes mere copy-paste kind of behaviour. Perhaps it is the famous eye of the beholder, the raster of a camera, a set of cotextual coincidences called fate, god like beeings that help bring all of it together. I like the ritualistic explanation of the term: cult acts performed by  a  priest - dancing, music and singing. That's how it feels doing what i do; being in contact with the sacred entity we call mother earth.

The primary goal was and still is to save the impression of space that shapes us inside out, the priceless synesthetic construct that is being destroyed day by day. Therefore keep it simple: no heavy editing or color grading. Yet since i realized the meaning of color and it's influence on our emotions, feelings and behavior you will find some color-play in here as well.

There are also some moving camera pictures: handheld master shots, like walks from various places or drives from a camera attached to a moving vehicle.

Finally, my approach to sound harvesting deserves some explanation. My dream was to keep it organic, exact 1:1 with the scene. It turned out to be quite challenging, so some of the pictures are just visual. Still: i deem ambiance recording a crucial task in a world where cgi prevails over natural experience. It is worth building these libraries now, while we still have some choice.