the content

the content

#1:1  #organic #harvested

This is a collection of ambiance - moments caught on camera. Most of them are single frames - since that was the original concept: to preserve pov and window-view-like material for future space stations, space ships and underground hideaways or bunkers.
For future landscape archeologists, for their landscape - earth view museums.

There are also some moving camera pictures: handheld mastershots, like walks from various places or drives from a camera attached to a moving vehicle.

Finally: my approach to sound harvesting deserves some explanation. The dream was to keep it organic, exact 1:1 with the scene. It turned out to be quite challenging at times, so some of the pictures are just visual, when they seemed worth posting anyway.

#authentic #free

It is free of charge, free to download and remix - edit. Free means also spam-free, free of propaganda and ideologies, consumerism-free.  
Feel are also free to support this project... :)

#pristine #pure #transgressive

The greek word mimesis stands for all kinds of mimetic relation. It was defined in many different ways during last three thousands years, check it out here.
There is something to it that escapes mere copy-paste kind of behaviour.  
I like the ritualistic explanation of the term: cult acts performed by  a  priest - dancing, music and singing. That's how it feels doing what i do: being in contact with the sacred entity we call mother earth.

#just #true

What you watch and listen to makes you who you are as an ani mal, a spiritual, cultural being much more than the food you eat, would you agree? So the primary goal is to save the impression of spacetime that shapes us insideout, the priceless synesthetic sensuality. Therefore i keep it simple: no heavy editing or color grading. Yet you will find some color-play in here as well.

#basic #background

Audiovisual, audio only, video only: you do not need to watch it as a movie, on the contrary: it is more of a companion for your daily activities like both work & relax, cooking & eating ;) dancing, yoga , meditation. A moment of inhale - exhale while you are traveling in the metro. What else is it that you do?


Being simple as it is, it is designed to serve also as a starting point, a building block for your edits, touchdesigns, vj-ing.  You may unite it with your creation.
Go, play with it.