the time is now. today. as i wrote before - i believe, there is only today & now.
is this a time when and where we are all on a brink of some change?
or is this only my i magi nation?

this way or the other
as the purpose of this site is saving
the harvested ambience
quite a childish ende a vour

my inner child started asking
some child-like questions
like: "how the clock works"?
so apparently, there is no easy stopping it
my inner child has a character

i wonder if there is anyone that is with me during this ama teur dive
wandering, into the forest of history and languages: how are you?
did you have a good sleep? how much of sleep do you get everyday?

years ago, when i attempted learning mandarin, my teacher told me
that the old greeting in mandarin was: "did you eat something today?"

whether this is true or not, my version would be: "did you have a good
sleep last night?" in my opinion sleeping well changes everything, and
the reason i am writing this is, that humans all over the plane of earth
are constantly sleep-deprived. a silent, subtle way of controling people

you are many times easier to be influenced, when you don't sleep enough
faketime perception changes into constant rush, fomo, eternal l'ate & fate.
it does not mean we shouldn't look into the history or our memories, 

they are "the source" of data to in form our behaviour in the present - now.

it also doesn't mean that we should not dream, make predictions & planes

for the future. sure we should, and infact we must. this is called: the creation.
a part of the process of creation: making things happen, or stopping them
from happening, instead of constant talk on subjects: how dangerous is a.i...
how insanely high are the taxes, why most of the kids of today will never buy
their own houses or apartments which means they will never have a true home. 

given that we exist within a framework of entities and sources of power, that 
are not only very creative but also insanely powerful, let's learn from them :)

the ambience comes form phewa lake, on its shore lays the city of pokhara
the magnificent white shark tail summit is the mountain of machhapuchhare
कतासुँ क्लिको - माछापुछ्रे - deemed a sacred - hierophanic place for many people

the mountain is supposed to be the only one of this size ever not climbed
i will not mention the number to mea sure the size of it. i respect the beauty.
i also do respect the relation beings have for the symbolic dimension
of the mountain, i mean the humanoids or birds, or bees or bacteria.

i do not know if all (the wholeness of the realm) that has so many names

the world, the eath, the planet, the universe, the gaia, the di men sion...
is connected in a way that a bacteria might be aware of a mountain
so, straight out of my ignorance comes the humble respectfulness. as in
another dimension the microorganism might be bigger than the mount.
i assume that anything is possible, expecting that the actual order of things
far exceeds my capability to perceive, comprehend and understand.

understanding implies getting to something that is underlying underground
like the thing underneath, under growing stuff, the leafless dark matter side

the roots/ the route: the core = 'il cuore' - the care - the cure - el core ra son

it is not always pleasant to go under the neat, dig in dirt like archaeologists
do, it is also boring and takes years of not only the work, but of talking and
establishing the meaning of findings within the construct. this talk/dis cushion
makes sense if the entities / beings that do the talk have actually something
valuable to say, beside gossip, customary mumble, com plain.

it is, again: the obligation of the enlightened - not electrified or electrocuted,
to care about the others, like shamans do - not like a carnivore-wicked-shepard

the opinions, establishing the meaning should flourish from the healthy tree

stem - spine of knowledge / wisdom, good will, imagination, consciousness
other-wise, the talking has absolutely no sense: like the television talk show,
or the world of international politics presented in your news: it's show business,

a side show of sense-empty distractions of macrones (~apostrophes) or bidens (bide=wait
=abide) the talk of the half full/empty glass while the house is burning.

somehow it is crucial, not to take into consideration the mindless, obstructing,
heartless, uniformed, conformist, cowardly, mind - controll en ti ties & voices

in a world that cherishes the notion of democratic principle: that no voice should
be left unheard, it is unheard of to say that there is a kind of utterly primitive, at the same time ill-willed entities who have a priviliged position of uber consumers,
or a represent-manifest the hive mind - mindles npc of spam-under-consumers.

the above kinds are the least (factual deci sion makers) or most visible (morons) 
the former: being absolutely inaccessible for the purpose of inquiry or discussion
the latter being promoted as a vox populi by nonsensical tele vi sion propaganda

i perceive looking for teachers, voices i could listen & learn from as a lifelong task;
in this construct framework of earth/world of beginings of XXI century; it seems
almost impossible not only to pick such voices, but also to give them space & time.
i do find them, i do listen as much as i can, because even if they are not corect
in terms of actual analysis, there is a pleasure in hearing a beautiful mind speaking

perhaps, since the voices of en gin eeries of the last world order are the most critic
when speaking of a.i. singularity, chatgpt, fintech nonsense, crypto - scam & so on,
there is no hope left :)
this is a critital error
when and where the builders of prison are it's the future inhabitants, and the power of this imaginary world is concentrated as never before, and you can say
anything, reveal anything, yet no one will react, as it is in the case of wallstreet / army/ government whistleblowers

the healthy reaction of a sane entity is to cut off all the ties to the lazy mad society
yet, there is something discomforting in the fact that this framework of now - earth
will cease existing, giving place to even more omnipotent prison, where there will be no place to go or cut off: wickedness, stupidity, ugliness, violence, cruelty, fake.

so: even if, everything that beings, as a mixture of information within 
energy are going through, there is some art in this art ificiality: worth the swimm, 
both the pain and bliss of existence are not an excuse for absence of meta/infra reflexion.

so i left the thought with the hebrew being quite an interesting case
of a script that surfaces as a thread nicely interwoven into the fabric
of english, just after you start study/look at the bible - script in 'original'
even in the pro-phane way like the one of my uninformed human self

it is like if you look through a rainbow looking glass - you see colours,
not only white -  so the words get some deeper meaning, not only through
very intriguing correspondence, like in the case of ken, karate or nasa

but there are words like paz that means gold - castilian for "peace"
or meh that apparently signifies "what?" "how?" "when? "anything"
or the word ragaz that signifies  the feeling of agitation connected
to anger, fear, resembling rage, and so translated in some cases.

yahweh - the god, brings his people out of the land of mitsraim - egipt,
where enslaved, they suffered extreme miss erry. neet phonetic code.

there is some amazing beauty in these relations.  is it a tree as ur y?
i mean the tree of civilisation: urbanisation, where 'ur' stands for the city
ur stand for the law, governs the ment, ur stand for u r = you are - the flame.

because all your live takes place within this s'hell terr, pre-sion, how is it?

there you have it: i am in love with linguistics: that is: the art of me'aning.