this video was taken on the slopes of a volcanic caldera 

pico de teide, the island of tenerife, somewhere in 2014

the audio was harvested near the budy village, poland, 2013
graphical, vein-like character of trees reminds me of writing

the beginnings of it: starting from scratches, short lenghts

carved in stone or painted on a cave wall with red ochra?

like the trees of probability in some mathematical branches 

it allso brings to mind this fantastic work and point of view

i used to be fascinated by the multi dimensionality
in a physical sense and mathematical-spaces-wise
the complexity of this subject was giving me a kick
the incoherence between the quantum field theory
and the standard model of subatomic particle physics

until one day i started looking through this same optic
at semantic symbolics - they too are complex paradigms.

we do live in a multidimensionial world in a symbolic sense

we perceive it as a composite: like a sandwich structure
yet this sandwich, a cake or whatever metaphor you like

has a very complex built of intertwined and constantly 

fluctuating layers and fields of influence, waves of radiation
and layers and layers of internal construction over time

the basic of my thinking here is the assumption
that everything that we are talking about

goes through our mind and consciousness 

or to an extent of many scholar's views: 

there is only mind and consciousness 
that connects and creates everything
and it this sense when we are not "looking"

there is no reality / universe / world at all
out of what we are experiencing in life

there is the space that has three coordinates

there is mythology: the greek, roman, hindu, persian etc
there is dramatic and pictorial ideology of movies
there is the 'history' of our countries, how they changed
there is the realm of ad ver teasing advert easing ad ver tie sing
there is of course food drinks and the whole gastronomy
there are the feelings and emotions with all their complexity
there are the visual: hues and colours of pan a tonne 

this list could go forever, because: there are subrealms also
all this comprises to what we call "life" or popularly reality

and many of these are interconnected, a living tissue - culture.

what connects all of them is the language, like the nerve system

to name all the languages as one superstructure of information
language: that is the utterly sophisticated sound wave technique

which helps us express, describe, discuss and consent anything

when did it start? who was the first that manifested it?

on what occasion? was it connected with survival, passion?
what was the first sound that belongs to the language?

'cause, you know, animals have their own signalling, right?
who are we to refuse them the right to call it a language?
where is the border between: simple shout and langue/parole?

or us, humans it is off course the written form of it - the script
that is where we perceive the beginning of human culture
yet just for the record here: the vocal form is much older 

not to be underestimated, in a way supreme, due to primordiality

still, these two: spoken and written, again, are like a living tissue

there are numerous scripts in so many languages of this plane't
for the clarity of this short (i hope so) textual scherzo i will omit
the kata gana and hira gana, man dar in, kan to nese, pin jin...!
and uncountable other! i gives me shivers when i think of 
marvellous diversity of life manifested just in this form! 

the beg gin ing of writing are hard to establish as all of the data
is hidden underground: among the art forms of middle paleolithic
from the cave of blombos, south africa near the cape of good hope

deemed by archaeologists as first intentional signs, dated ~100000 bc

as genevieve von petzinger swiftly puts it: these are the first known
evidence of humans "start to storage information outside the body"

why almost all of the first 90000+ years of humanoid ideography
is hidden in the darkness of underground? often deep deeeeep down,

in remote places that not only require the descend but also crawling. 

well, that is an excellent question. i always wondered why would they

go to such lengths to find a dwelling? was it because of harsh weather?

the same works for derinkuyu and other underground cities in cappadocia

capable of housing up to 20000 excavated complex city-like structures, 

so this why, no matter the geographic latitude, hide underground?
blizzards? thunderstorms? sun storms? winds or cosmic radiation?

this way or the other, you need some speleological energy in your veins
to reach for this kind of data and so does genevieve von petzinger

to whom we are grateful for her brave work; great lectures to lookup.
she not only personally collected, but catalogued and databased
thousands of cave arts with the focus on signs, markings, not buffalos etc

her findings come mostly, as i understand, from the period of ice age.
what seems intriguing, is that her set of repeating signs counts 32 pieces

this number seems familiar, being not only a power of two; a part of old 

16-based mathematical system? not all of them are based on 10, you know?
it is also a recurring number in mediterranean historical alphabetical systems

the common idea is that the hebrew was the first alphabet there was
it is hard to put i words (paradoxically) how far this notion is from the data
i guess this idea hammered and coined into the heads of innocents

comes from the common belief in 2k years old supremacy of "the bible"

as the holly book that: tells the truth, was written by god, is just good for ya!

this supremacy comes from the hegemony of roman empire, nothing else. 

nor the book or many text in it are jewish, neither the hebrew is the oldest
but the might of the book far outreaches the imagination of common christians
and it is dear to my mind as a great example of what can be achieved by a script.

i guess, this is enough of blunts and sharps from the crypt for today.
looking at layers of code, that may help us find out more of who we are
finding a path to follow, towards each other, (re)building common(s of) wisdom
so we may grow up wiser, surrounded with love of our families and friends.

even if one day we en masse discard the language
for e-motions or something else

it is worth to know

what is
being lost
i like ruins
being romantic
like that

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