here’s another video from my junk folder
not that i do not like it, i cherish the creation
therefore the creator, the creative force, makes my tears
whether the name is ein sof, shiva or the father, mother?

it remains a mystery

i discarded this, because i have a better version of it
i post this material now for the emphasis that it puts on
internal silence, meditation, vinyasa, samadhi, you name it

what do we tell to ourselves when we are alone
what are we silence about? how we are, silent?
do we have a comfort of the timespace to just be?
or our mind finds it hard to just be at our service?
are we using the mind or we are digging in the mines
off mind like in the old platonic metaphor, chained?
are we gracefully silent or are we silenced, sliced?
by whom?

i like the darkness of this video, my eyes closed
i like the darkness
but what is hidden down there on the bottom?

this darkness is just a silence from a different microcosm
that was another name for this device
because in my city life that is what i missed the most
it is just raw, half an hour, 1:1 recording
headphones recommended

years ago when i undertook realisation of this
straightforward project: audiovideo 1:1
i was thinking of the memories that we will keep
the spacetravel, the otherworlds, the underground
göbeklitepe, denisova, mustangh… style

in the meantime i have to storage it somehow
and per haps memo rise more when some other people
participate in the project that seems as crazy as
raspberry pizza ice cream, riding a wild whale, whatever
hence the website
i also do not like the idea of constant explaining what is
plain visible

a monkey

this is my childhood - heavy tv consumer (thank you mtv)
this is my childhood dream: to watch an elephant, a dolphin
without the constant explanatory voices (original + translation)
where is the sound of the ocean? where is the savanna murmur?
just let it be, you know? leave just some trace, track etc.
and if interested i would do some additional reading
that is not to criticize the discoveries of discovery channel
what i do here is just, just adding a missing block in this puzzle
transmitting the pure experience, without the distraction

when i was a child: it felt like if somebody talk while watching
the greatest movie ever, explaining their experience
or perchaps how i should experience it?
through the lenses of so called science?
through the lessees of constant naming names
through the practice of cataloguing, all of what it
boxing and unboxing, wrapping and unwrapping, branding
what i experience, telling, teaching how i should experience

so this is a start for those who will never see a free monkey
(the zoo doesn’t count, it is a mind trick aimed at
convincing the visitors, that they are the free ones,
at the correct side of the bars)
this is for the dystopian future world…
if we do not decide to take care and keep the original life

…hence the website

i was thinking of the text attached to the videos
you need to write some stuff, right?
so i thought that this place will be about asking questions
since we all are surrounded by answers and solutions
i will provide the questions, and i have so many of them

it put me on the path of silence
and this is what this place aims at as well
at assisting your silence
and asking funny questions
for your amusement

you are
my friend
be well