this is a true 1:1 captured moment
it is a file coming straight from the camera
hence the sound, from built-in microphone
and the dirty cut, no editing: contrast or
stuff, you know? but it is just stuff
an i thought, i just leave it as it is
though it was storaged in my trash folder

the original file name is C0004
the fantastic place in palolem - ocean sea
in this little cafe, that became "my local"
i spent a lot of time, drinking and fasting
there are rest aurants where you can fast
do you notice the double paradox?

what makes a place is the souls that in habit
thank you guys: the waiting team & kitchen crew
you came a long way from ladakh, nanda devi
just to earn decent living for your dearest ones
i: an ocasional waiter and a humble chef myself
admired the hard work as we are all here to serve
each other, the best we can, with a smile
we had the best laughs: lassa gumba! or yartsa gumba
brothers, if you ever read this: may we meet again

i post it  today, i just felt it is genuine
beacause, somehow, something reminded me
of that very moment, that particular day
when i learned a lot of things from thin air
just seating and talkin to open men of the place
that was the magic moment in a whole magic trip
thank you for the music brothers, umi lala

especially for my favourite piece by rahul sharma
shankaracharya, temple of shiva
from kashmir, sounds of the valley album

the source