Is there another way? Is there an escape from..? Sure there is, hopefully there are many fortunate escapes. What matters is the style of it.
The idea of escape reminds me of one of my favorite pictures: Runaway Train by Andriei Konchalowski, based on the last of Akira Kurosava's screenplays. The story of a prison break turns into a freezing monochromatic fight for the right to go, the way we choose to go.
And as i am writing these words the subject of "go" overshadows everything else. Is it a game of black and white? Are we alowed to keep more colors? I hope for the future to be full of rainbows and unicorns. I do not under'stand the idea of e'scaping. For now gravitation seems more convincing that breaking it. There are these moments when you need to touch the ground like it was the first time to appreciate what is to come.

The road memorised in this very video leads you outside of rodellar canyons, a mecca of rock climbing hidden in the mountains east of Saragossa. Somehow this drive feels like flying, can you feel it? The stroposcopic effect strenghtens the feeling by evoking the sensation of constant memory loss.  
That is  what we do: we are falling, the sooner one realise the beter: it is a good inspiration to start to learn to fly.