it is a special time, in the northern hemisphere - the place i was raised at
& in the culturaly quasi or semi-semitic & christianised populations
this time of the year is connected with awakening, from winter sleep
this time of the ceremonial year is connected with rebirth, resurrection

communities, families, individuals (is there such a entity - non divisible?)
prepare for this special moment of cross over be it: lent, ramadan, seder
also truly traditional cultures, pre-psy-villised = pre-in-car-se-rated
have their customs, so called pa gan (hebrew name for the garden of eden)

also in hinduism, we have the holi, holi day; and the time of prior fast ive
imho&imao this traditions: all over the indian sub cosmoses, uni verses

are the true spiritual, there is the spirit of communitas, being together, up.

it is not the colourful powder, originating from a small part of the planet

they are both treated with respect: be lived, t eerie & t easy, playfull & joyful
yet this is another story: the difference between flourishing and concrete
& keep in mind that all that i write here is just an impression of a traveler

it h’app ends around - should it not be the inner fire th’rough and through?

so, what or who  is being rebirth?
what is recon structed each year?
who is it, that is being saved?

the amazing person that already did this 

may he had danced a lot in his grave

2000 years ago, if you be live in numb errs
or is it us that are to be reflected upon?

as recently i made some time and time made itself available for my reading

i encountered a lot of words from many world languages contemporary & old

i have found a lot of religious and spiritual nonsense and, pardon, hogwash
a lot of this talking is 

ignotum per ignotum 

idem per idem
paradox per paradox
absurd per absurd

definitions / duffinitions / deafinitions

in my opinion it just puts you on la loop
so you come back for more, perhaps?
there is no-one to blame for this
that is what every good meer chant does
they s'ell
they s'hell
like a psy ren

that is not to say that there is no value in great spiritual traditions & teachings
on the contrary: this is, in my opinion, the second most important are’a of life

after the essence of life, the only true rea son
we all know what that is
we all know

so, as this is the: second
we should all know what we are building here
we should all know the definitions of what is being
we should all know the definitions of what is being pre served ser ved serv ed
we should all know the definitions of what is being rebirth (and why re birth)

we should all know the definitions of what is being s aved sa ved

is it i?
is it i = eye = isle? = ai? = ay?
is it a self?
is it myself, my self
is it atman at man at ma @ma
is it jiva (with the orient all terms i could go and go and go and go…

is it me?

or is it „me”?

what is this „me”
why the english imperial code / lingua franca con sists the double form i/me?

what is the relation ship between the „eye” and the „me”?

it struck my i and my me once ;p

so, the usage of „me” when we speak of ourself / our self / i ; is very recent
it is a colloquial pauperism? or perhaps something else?
traditionally, before england and the language grew so much in imperium
a person could youse the „me” only when speaking of other person

it was in the accusative or some other relation within the sentence

because the me is an obvious ancient form, you can read more here
i am not an expert, you know? it just see me d me aning full me sage
to be written today, wherever you are, whenever you are 
to whom i am writing these words, asking some quest ions like:

what do we me an
when we talk about „me”

there are so many words that include this "me"
if you are still using the code in your times, play a game:
look for this "me" within words, you might be surprised
or perhaps you do not use it anymore, do not need language?
communicate only in picture and sound? or just... idk

supposedly the jesus - the figure from many religions and history
the guy said that the road leads through "me"
what did he mean?

it is all such a mess
it is all such a mes
it is all such a me
a me like amen
a men

be wise
be men
you are

thank you for this artist:

by the way:
i have no idea, what the ceremony from the main video is
me morised by my friend sha mek, it is just nice, just what eye sea
do you think, that it would make any difference if the watcher
or the participant uderstood what is he taking part in?
by the way

the videos are here: