#0034.1 the cheshire copycat stillnes

#0034.1 the cheshire copycat stillnes

here are another visuals from india: varanasi and ganges river
another colorful views; just like the ones before?
there is not much happening. maybe play some music, you know?
that's what is usually done, i should add some sound track

today i tried to download some old indian philosophical book
it is accessible for free, yet there's not many places i can get it from

there are not enough: distributors, download nodes, seeders
i got broadband, there are fiberoptic cables all over the world
yet the connection is constantly lost, the download stops, etc

in the course of last - lost? years this experience is omnipresent
i feel like even the devices i own, "do" what they want to my process

this is like the world was not anymore tangible but more and more

non-fungible? wait?
am i becoming an nft also?
a non fungible token?
a meta~men?
a holo sapiens?

fun - you got me
fungi - manna - i'm there
sooo non-fungible?
creepy cringe, what is it?
a (non)happy copy?

all this seeding, easily accessible, yet unaccessible copies, nonfugibility
brought the idea of copy vs the original - very popular "media topic"

who has the right to copy what? who has the right for the original?
as always it boils down to the question of definitions
what is a copy and what is an originality?

i like to think of it as:
the first - original creation
the following - the re creation

the re creation may in some instances be much better than the original
the re creation may correct the flaws of the original (shenzen fasttrack)
the re creation may just respond to the needs of the people
the latter is vividly visible on pharmaceutical market in indian realm
would you really ban and obstruct coping medical material?
just because of currency? that is not even money, not even gold
not even paper anymore

the question: to copy or not to copy?
is as stupid as be or not to be
(if you know the answer - please call)
what matters is the intention, the will
the spirit driving the action - like yours

in the case of my indian  book:
 it is only a reflection of the noble author thinking
it is only a translation from sanskrit original
it is given in english,  not a true language yet an artificial code, well
still i believe that all this process was undertaken with goodwill
all the doers had in mind the verity, accuracy, and the true spirit

there is another kind of copy re-creation - the industrial type
what drives the philosophy of this copy is efficiency
sure it is profit driven - like most of economic activity, sure
when you have a bunch of creative and re creative producers, makers
there is also refining the manifested idea: a car, a philosophy, music
where there is a healthy competition - quality matters, you care about it
where there is hegemony, monopoly of any kind: state or private

profit intermingles with power
and you have no choice
you will have what you are served
the quality stops to be important
and than copy becomes a fake.

a fake?
a fake.

it can and will be pushed beyond any boundary of absurd
here is a great catalunyan documentary:

and thus, slowly but surely  
one conference - zoom meeting after another
with efficiency/profit as the only measurment of progress
well, who knows corporate mind - knows it demands
constant "progress" - fake change, to keep the apperances
the shaky colossus, yet always "to big to fail"
it is a constant, recuring failure, bullshit activity

in the meantime our lives-sleep-slip away
on performing the bullshit ordered 'from above'
but than you say: but there are no other jobs & employers
well,,, it is a well, and it is not heading up
so, if you let the concentration loose
eventually killing the competition
the artisans, the small shops, the farmers
than you kill the quality
and you kill the diversity
because what will matter will be the rule of fake
there will be no competition therefore no motivation
and anything and anyone original
will be crushed by the distributors of fake
because the observed quality of fake will be endangered
and the power have and will have more and more actual power
to make sure that you are obedient
sure you can believe that the good old chap - uncle sam
is not a notorious rapist, child molester, serial killer and a mobster

he is a nice, christian person, the last 80 years (since'45) - prove that
that is exactly why he carries all the financial trasactions in the world
that is why he takes care of our economic stability so well. thank you

there is no escape from this faking process
it is proven by a great mathematician
known as nicolaus copernicus
in monetae cudendae ratio - worth knowing
so if the cheaper coin wins over the richer
(this process is already done, 200%)
what happens with the things you eat, your way of life
when and where there is a corporate-state monopoly
where there is no control over it whatsoever

neofeudalism, (semi?)enslavement come, globally
because it will not leave any blancks, any free spaces
for the hegemony it is counter-logical to leave loose ends
neofeudalism is a dogmatic ideology like christianity
it just doesn't like any competition, it burns it with napalm
it literally burns children with napalm and call it heroism

yet, i am not writing this here to moralise, way past beyond that

there are ~ 30000 thousand people dying of starvation everyday

if one can believe the statistics; nobody cares about palestine either etc

i am just curious: will human kind let the system reach a 100% stagnation
unmovable state of corporate in prison ment of body mind and soul|

it will not be a dystopia - a nonsensical word, it will be perfect 

order of efficient - cheap -  fake - the only correct effect of dogmatic

corpo rate tunnel thin king

the lords of this world will be utterly stupid / mindless - lazy
the decision and the enforcement will be performed by machines
100% perfect system
a copy of the original creation based on love
a copy of the original creation based on diversity and freedom

"lu" - from good old summerian means a human being
sooo, who is lu cipher?
it is the perfectly steerable
numerical bio logical machine
governed by numbers as: money, time, age, and the digital realm of 0/1

and the good fella, matt daemon (interesting name btw)
will not come to take your sick daughter to the hospital for the real people
the system will close any possibility of movement
just like the christianity killed all true spirituality
and it didnt have the omnious tracking devices - your phone knows you better
and it didnt have the drones, drone carriers, boston dynamic killer robots
it - the early roman empire had only talking monkeys on horses and fire
fire & feear

it is not placed within the simple good and bad perspective
it is a logical - mathematical consequence of this process of hegemony
like cause and effect, wealth gravity, power gravity, is just like weight gravity
sure, there is much to be said about financial markets and instruments
yet, it is a simple derivative of the world governed by mathematics
it is a simple derivative of the world based on numbers
plust some good organisation and determination to have it all
the chinese "democratic" republic is just a testing ground
the ideology/religion is and allways has been the bullshit for 'the gen tiles'
so the chinese comunism works perfectly as oligarchy, with facebook & elon

the collapse of society that is based on concentration of wealth is inevitable
'cause the concentration means unification, means the end of freedom
of any kind

it is not my idea, it is the karl marx hypothesis:
the conclusion of the capitalism will be, and in fact is, the collapse of it
& total concentration of wealth into singularity: communism
"you will possess nothing and you will be happy"
he just forgot to mention: who will be the owner of all this stuff XD

"the people?"

who exactly?

there is a cast of the world owners, right?
ok, look around: are they doing a good job?
being responsible for our direction

the end of society that is based on concentration of wealth is inevitable

it may conclude in total enslavement of all the beings of the planet
that in some circles is called: "the work"
total obedience of soulles-working-machines


it was already done to the animals and plants, almost finished
because that is what is the inherent purpose of feudal machinery
and the genomics, eugenics, cloning etc are approaching like a bulletrain

in the world where already numbers are more important than souls
i still believe that the purpose of life is growing your own soul
i believe that we are our own creators, starting from the gift
i believe that whatever comes next, it strongly depends on us

for each of us to become whoever we become
powered by energies, gods, strength, family and friends

the end of society that is based on concentration of wealth is inevitable
it may conclude in some kind of deconstruction - reconstruction process
in a very derridian sense of the term, to protect the collossus from colapse

we all know the names of the companies that monopolised and destroyed
a huge percentage of global agriculture, right?
there is plenty of documentaries about it

this one below is very different
it tells a very simple, yet poetic story of
"why our life does not taste so good anymore"

it is also a story about seeds
it is also a story about maturing
and how growing up is being demo'leash'ed
you think it considers only the plants?

i come from european union
a place where it is illegal to sell or even to share a seed of any plant
so you cannot grow and taste my tomatoes or olives, carrots, onions
i will not give you (even the seed i bought) there is jail for this activity

so we are not allowed to continue the genetic lines of thousands years
these are a part and parcel of this environment
do not need any chemicals
do not need corporate state approval or taxation
they are just food

dear reader, i hope you live in a better place, more reasonable
i feel like an exile in my own land, so i look for this better place
where i can just live my simple life, not being constantly afraid
while i only want to grow my human, share energy & information

well, the book: i needed it  because it consist some original ideas:
seeds that will flourish within my being, my who?man
in the process of making a man:
reasonable, (self) reflective, resilient
i feel i need a lot of this in formation
to reach beyond just having "a good time" here
therefore i am collecting these seeds that caught my i - eye

and this process of self creation requires a lot of original seed - in spirit ion
you know: you cannot get inspired by a fake, it is just an image

i guess, basically, posting my low quality videos
first: i want to repeat the purpose of this site:
there is value in keeping  the diverse original
second: the question of underlying intentions is crucial

who controls the originals and the distribution of copies
if motivated by economic ideology of profit and efficiency
will make a fake of the world, the cheap ver-sion
will make the fake of us and will never let us out of the fake

live long
and prosper