#0026 [a/v] the realms of black and white

#0026 [a/v] the realms of black and white

this post's video is black and white - almost monochromatic
so you might say it is build of light that tries to overcome 

the darkness, as it always does. and it always conveys
information - so simple. the same it is with writing / script.
surveying it, learning about it you travel only with some
mostly black symbolics appearing out of a mainly white
surface, of paper, lcd screen, yet as an sensory object

the same goes with the himalayan slopes: only when you
enter closer, approach them - you have the chance to grasp
what is this "big deal all about"

so the language seems a space, a realm, dimension, a lore

quite graspable and, tbh: really fascinating when you start

to dig in: all ice, all is

a word being as any symbol is multidimensional by definition
in the begining, was there ever any beginning? gosh, really?
the book says, that the word was in the begging of word.

was there anything before "the word" - well, my simple 
tells me that there must have been something in
between "the scripture" and the primordial chaos, right?

but it is the favourite category of questions: unanswerable.
honestly, this is the moment to confess that i am truly
an ignorant; that is: i know that i know close to nothing
it is not that i do not know anything, i know some thing

apparently. yet: i do not even know what is the meaning,

the true importance of this things that i think, i know?
and who is thinking the thinking, the knower of knowing?

like the question posted before: me vs i vs self vs (b?)atman???

for sure: i don't know nothing, because that would be really

 therefore this is a place of questions, in pursuit
of wisdom, may the wise, knowledge able that are among us step up

and write to me, assuming that someone real man in my times

will read these words and be willing to join the diss cushion

that would be really lovely, if experts of different fields find
some time to fill the gaps in our shattered identity / legacy

because there are a lot of known unknowns: ufo&stuff xd.
[although it is been proven that ufo could not exist because
every vehicle and vessel  has to have the paper work with
lots of numbers like a license number & to be legally insured]

there are also these unknown unknowns, some of them are 

accessible, though: hidden in the vatican book bunkers
ore hidden in plain sight, like: whats with the fishy hat
of the pope-eye and his mignons: that is the bi shops,
why these hats are identical to the sumerian priests ones?
then, there is the category of unknown knowns, things, 
structures of culture that are so hidden in the fabric
of time-culture that we do not really notice them, perceive
interesting. we just take it for granted: we just do the talking.
[or the talking - thinking makes us who we are. worth considering.]
so these structures, in my profession we call them long-lasting,
are especially complex due to the culture sedimentation process
like in the case of geological layers they tend to cover the priors

this comparison is really accurate, since (sticking to "his tory")

since there are close to none anthropoid culture remnants
that predate the glacial period outside of numerous c'aves.
i was taught that the cave man was not smart enough to build
a shelter for themselves - that is why they just dwelled bed rock.

for real?

it always fascinated my younger self, how this being, being less
smart and industrious than common birds with their nests
and uncountable other species of animals, stayed so numb for
millions of years (sticking to the his tory) and all of the sudden
start building ultra complex megalithic structures, huge temples,
irrigation, places of cult ur, and speaking of "ur" - the ci-ties,
or as now, in the times of mor'dor-world they are rather psy-ties,

the whole ur ban isa tion is kind of a suspicious project'n process.
as, genevieve petzinger puts it: the ori gins (o rig ins) of writing 

are strictly connected to psy vili sat ion: rules and laws, collecting 
ie:"oppressing the masses", she justly argues that you need 
a special
"class of people to maintain and organise a writing system 
for you"
whoever you are. wherever "urbi et orbi" as the pope-eye says.

so neither any settlements nor real evidences of script maintained
until present times, since: the glacier itself or the numerous floodings,

like this.  yet the real hero is the glacier, the ice sheet, smashing everything
that it encountered on its way, and what is more: bringing along so much
sediments: mud, rock - it was crushing whole mountain chains, you know.

there are also some new, quite fascinating, amusing, amazing theories
like this one of a snowball earth.  where was the homo glacius during

these cold periods of time? how did he survive? in what conditions?

so as many grandiose occurrences might took place, and lots
lots of time. and with some certain certainty we can find some
proofs of the impacts like: the tunguska me teo rite, or the one
described in younger dryas hypothesis or other events proven
geology, and also glaciology - of the dust trapped in ice sheet,
genetical, and geochemical evidence and so on and so forth...

i still find it hard to believe, that this troubled cave man, pobrecito 

so neatly depicted in cartoons, like the hanna barbera classic,
jumps out of his misery and builds these structures: impossible
even today, and creates amazing examples of material art, jewellery.
like the ones of so called: varna culture, or uncountable indian ones.

so not only megalithic structures, named so because of the sheer

size of the building blocks - scaterred  shuttered all over the planet
like the balkan or chinese complexes of pyramids covered in hills.
but also examples of masonry: so sophi stick ated, that it is hard
to achieve even today: cutting whole temples out of solid rock
or carving with such a precision not to mention artistic talent - intent,
that makes your jaw drop, an leaves you with a gaze - stare for good.

and this reminds me of the his tory lessons at school, when
i heard - herd - here here (not to forget amber heard - the deep)
that the painters were learning during the last millennium in
europe, just how to draw a human with some accuracy; sure.
and then came photography so painters started painting shapes
hidden squares, perfect circles, magic triangles and so on,
pentagrams, hexa grams dodeca he drons - you name it.

whoever thought that the prussian - prison style of schooling
makes any sense, well good luck to those entities, they are fried soft.

no-one likes school, right? mostly because it is nonsensical nightmare?
it is only a means of introducing and pertaining law and order
in a military fashion, while your parents do the slavery thing, sure.
but as we all know that from, let's say: grade four? weren't we,
aren't we expecting that this spam-ish mumbling and babling
has at least some better taste, and is a serious attempt at bull shiting?
and is not such a humongous waste of our time as children?

the subject of mainly disciplinary aspect of european imperial
education is as vast as many aspects of relions or banking
worth to write whole libraries about it - not for me to criticise,
i am not and expert. rather it is that i was utterly dissatisfied
disappointed, disenchanted, disillusioned and disengaged

throughout the whole twelve year old experience, only waiting
for the "real stuff to come" - that is the academia, the maturity.

during the years of school ing imprisonment i could have, for instance
learn all about vibration and music, become a multi instrumentalist?
playing games and sports (adventure sports, not only: chasing the ball)

i could also learn philosophy and ethics in a cross cultural manner
as one should, my dear future friend. because these are the basics.

& shouldn't you learn first who is the one that is learning before
you start accumulate the knowledge of how to earn your food?
otherwise you spend your life in a never ending existential crisis.

so the time is wasted, and most of our brains are already fried
when we reach so called adultery - and what a funny word this is.
yet i survived, not playing the piano or at least the violin, playing

words; so as:

i attempt to do my work, the one that i am educated to do
i treat the whole culture~humanity~reality~language as 
a game: a puzzle of smoke and mirrors
and snakes (off course)
on a plane. so as one might be playing counter strike,
i play
 this enigma off - counter babylonian confusion of languages 

do i believe the written his tory? - not one bit. why would you?

i think that the mythology, fairy tales are even more informative

yet we play this game within the context of his tory: so be it

yet, this was only a confession of how i know nothing, perhaps
also a little outcry, regarding the system of designer disinformation
and utter disinvestment of my time as a child in a place that
resembled both hell and a mind control mechanism - school.

i still look for the wise man to tell me: how the things really went?
who were our forefathers and foremothers, what was their nature?
what course did they set for their perceived future? and given that
we are this future - did they succeed, did their dreams come true?
are we a success or a failure?

with high hopes
of the good future
the bright one
where my kids do
not waste one day
in prison - school.

wishing you a great day kiddo.
we are all children, aren't we?
let us not forget about it:


the source