# 0020 [a/v] easy facing not so blinding lights

# 0020 [a/v] easy facing not so blinding lights

today seems like a very easy, relaxed, marvellous day, happy thinking
hence the experience: one of first recorded for this project - so laid back

this is an evening in siem reap, the ancient city of angkor wat

an imperium that disappeared in an instant

i like the memory of this evening, the taste of cambodian slow lifestyle

yet, i have spent most of my life-time in a world full of tension
and pretension, pretending, pretentious, funny. not funny how it is 

exhausting for most of beings there just to keep above the surface
i guess it all comes down to life understood as lifetime - that is time

what do we do with time, how we invest it? 
is it better to plan
or just go with the flow? 
taking it fast or taking it slow?

for the existence that i choose "now" and "today" are the basic 

how would i know if i even wake up tomorrow?

i am only the awareness of what is happening & what i cause to happen

so, from a certain perspective there is only now, we have only today

the past does not exist it is just a word that names our memory
there is only causality, the logic of certain processes 

there is mainly the question of coordination between things, ie processes

where were certain things: what was exactly happening at a given moment

how were these things-processes positioned in relation to each other

like the sun and the earth - and how it affected so many other phenomena 

regarding the magnitude of the process, like the one that we call: the moon

the process called moon affects so many other things that we observe

it works as a clock for all of us living here and so many things like tides ofc

but there is no time whatsoever in the past-present-future sense

there are only consequent states of "now" so there is only one now

therefore the idea of traveling through time
within time dimension
 is just hilarious.
there are other dimensions, for sure, but that is; different

different because, i guess: not all the di mentions have to be mathematical

i think that we got trapped in a world/dimension and/or in a dogmatic thought 
that the "mathematics" is "the queen of all of science"

therefore everything has to be based on numbers
what does not fit the coherent system of theorems and rules and calculuses 

what does not fit - does not exist

i will not argue whether mathematics is the queen of science - well, she is :)

yet the sole term mathematics means only "that what there is to be learned"

so "learning mathematics" is a nonsensical pleonasm like "do the doing"

i would only argue that science is not all there is; there is more to life than math

it is also not the science vs religion conflict-fake, based on false binary assumption
it comes from so called 'enlightenment' when the logical thinking had to overcome 
the absurd, nonsense, and first of all violent, brutal hegemonic power of re legion

it has been 500+ solar cycles that earth passed through since the enlightenment we've been building upon the fundaments of mathematics since that momentum

i observe the ubiquitous numerical thinking, extremely useful, practical, no doubt 
became the new church, the new kind of religion governing all the order of life

it governs economics, that has never even been a science, it is a social knowledge

so why the accounting of sheer fantasy called numbers govern over peoples lives?


there is no future either 
there is only a possible set of quantum states 

that with a certain (mathematical) possibility will be displayed and perceived 

a certain number of atomic (like in a hydrogen atom) or solar cycles from this now

now, the imagined future:
we have it programmed by so called futuristic movies, the dystopian holly wood 
many inhabitants of the earthly premises have this in mind - the nofuture future
u see, the more we have it imagined, the more it is likely to happen - consciousness
it is 100% accurate thesis, it has been proven, and proved: look back and look around 
and it has not been proven mathematically, is it counter logical?
actually it is not 
it is just non-mathematical logic
that has been here for thousands and millions years

it is philosophy

i see it differently, than the world bank accountants.

there is no reason to fear, or to panic
literally: panic and fear are of no reason 

we not only have the reason = common sense
we are the rhea son & common sense
so we will strive and flourish

what we collectively unreasonably believe today:

the doomed future

the good protective state
the state democracy
the mathematics to rule them all
the pope is always right :)
the bitcoin is safe and private ;p
the work hard and pay taxes

the go multiply and torture animals

the wealth collected is yours forever
the you are just a kind of a monkey

etc and so on

may not be believed tomorrow

from one moment to another we may just...
change our mind?

just like that

like: we might never ever again go to mcdonnell or what is it called

it is not a big thing, just never go there again

or, never ever buy coca cola products,
just like that 
and we could just do it for the fun of it, can human manage?

without all the big words, the climate change menace and so on?
can humanity seriously become "we" and have an actual say in anything?

that is a big question for the world and i like asking questions:

will it be strong, united - synchronicity of responsible individuals?
 will it be globalised into conglomerate of weak mindless consumers?

have a great day

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