why digging into layers of information, language, code, etc?
what is the great question here is mutual understanding 

without this understanding there is no, there will be no  trust 

and this is what i miss the most about "good old times"

i can still remember people trusting each other, being open
while feeling-having the psychical, emotional, reasonable safety

of being honest with each other, open, really curious of the differences

without any ideological prejudices: political, religious, racial

well, ideology is like castrated technology or ethics

the latter two teach you what to do make things work

the ideology is just bullshit crap - opium for the masses

with a name tag, so everyone knows their eche'lon, legion

what's more: ideology is an amazing technology

but it is a technology that lets the owner use it's believers - followers
sheer ideology is a technology that lets someone else use you

there are many definitions of the truth: coherentional or vocational

one could argue that there is none - it all depends on the point of view
there is the true of facts, the empiric truth, even better when recorded

and so on. there are whole libraries on the theory of epistemology

yet mostly, what we mean when we say "truth" or "true"
what we mean by this is (the comfort of) honesty, openness, 

being just, outward, straightforward, expressing your mind 

and heart - saying what you feel and think

"just be (at least) honest with me" 
it is the last resort we refrain to
when quarrelling 
with a person that we treat as our close one

it is because honesty is the fundament
 honesty is our basic need
we need to feel it at a basic, child - level of our psyche

we need it as a family, society and all of social structure

without the basic paradigm of honesty

without the presumption & assumption of honesty
we stop to trust each other
we start to be suspicious and super cautious 

it is very energy consuming, isn't it?

perhaps this is my specific experience

i grew up in an environment full of lie and hypocrisy 

it was really hard to find a way towards real honesty

sometimes it takes to make difficult decisions

to raise up - stand tall after discarding the body of lies

though is the greatest comfort of mind and heart i have ever experienced 

it is of course a role of a foul, an idiot, who does not know how to play

how the things are," what is up"; it is the truman show - exactly, literally

there is not much comfort doing that, from this point of view
i suppose, everyone is rather afraid of the truman, because? idk

the children know

i asked a 10 year old mallorquín girl once
what does she think of human
of existing as a human,
having the phisical-spiritual trip being incarnated, exactly:
what is a human?

she said only one word: hipocrita

a hypocrite!

i asked her: why do you think it is so?

i guess, humans just got used to living like that - she answered

there was some specific resignation in her voice, that put me down
yet at the same time, i felt: yeah that is a straightforward diagnosis

and i agree. doing all sorts of social research over many many years

i notice that this is perhaps "the bull shit planet"; is it a good fertiliser?

like if the advice  of machiavelli for a ruler - in famous "prince"

to always suspect lie from an opponent/adversary/neighbour

were applicable to almost every human relation
within or outside the family, at work/job
writing a curriculum, or advertising materials

it is just "better to lie"

perhaps it is not as common as i perceive it
perhaps my life experience is somehow special?

i used to think that i am paranoid, it is an absurd though
today i rather think that i am surrounded by many paranoid people
that is mostly: i guess why many sages that i admire
renounced the society, turn their backs on people

it requires so much effort to stick in this trap  

yet sometimes you are just there, and do what you need to do, ofc

there are consequences of dishonesty:  
the youngsters in my old country say 
there is no such a think as friendship anymore, there's only "social contact"
being "messed up" is a mainstream standard, not in a pleasant way
and such a "messed up" being makes

a great consumer

and since everything's is a wave: 
a great receiver 

doesn't that sound wonderful?

a global society of receivers

ready for the intake, the upload

the coming generations.
will they live in such a state of total anomy?

as a counterpoint to

disintegity - a brand new word
meaning the opposite of honesty 
meaning lack of personal or social integration
meaning: being a person of "no grit"
meaning: not trusting in the grit in the other

btw: there are a lot of words to describe dishonesty
sharp practice - my personal favourite

sure, this list is not complete, the language is so fruitful
we could add: discrepancy or fugazi, hogwash, and so on ...

why - i ask, we need so many euphemisms to describe lie and cheating?
"the planet bullshit" united states of bullshit, the republic of bull shit ?
is this a hipothesis or a theory that i am forging here? ;p

so coming back: to the question in the beginning
why try to understand the nature of our language?

communication therefore 'community', society
well, when you do not know the meaning of the words

you do not actually know what you are saying

you are intertwined into communicative acts

but there is no real information being exchanged
without even the satisfactory effect, like empty callories
and that makes the holo sapiens: a lipid interface

a receiver
& transmitter

it lets us come back to the anomy i mentioned before

we can understand a-nomy as a state of "not knowing (the (true) name)"

sometimes a word is worth digging in, 
to understand
the range of its meaning  
so: here here and here

what do you think?
for me that fits right in

when we loose the grip on the language 

than we loose ourselves 
into the primordial soup

and this fertile substance 
has a certain taste
a taste of bullshit

this contemporary multirelational bull shit is really tiresome
yet, i sat down to write these words
not with the intention to claim 
the superiority of honesty over hypocrisy

still, being honest at least with yourself at least, is pretty fantastic, seriously

i want to state, that soon, very soon it will be 
absolutely impossible to be honest

it will become harder and harder 
like in an hbo tv series: "years and years"

for all sorts of reasons

the 'life' already became really fuzzy, at the time of this writing
i find it hard to watch or read anything of electronic transmission
one day i woke up in a upside down reality
where much of message 
is bullshit

bullshit news
bullshit advertising
bullshit conspiracy theories
bullshit advertising
bullshit economy
bullshit advertising
bullshit music lyrics
bullshit advertising
bullshit advertising
bullshit weather forecast
bullshit coaching 
bullshit advertising
bullshit politics and policies
bullshit monetary theories
bullshit science news

there is a simple choice, and i made it many years ago
just withdraw, stop using it, quit it.

or rather take a dietary approach - be careful what you watch  

after a time of transition, it really makes one happy

being in our personal echo chamber 
is neither pretty nor effective


"being banned" 
"having credentials withdrawn"

"having ranges cut"
or simply "getting demonetised" - that's a nice one
or being based by "fact checking network"

or not fulfilling "community standards"

or a situation when we just do not fit "the new algorithm"

have become quite common expressions among people
we just "got used to them", like to dishonesty

still, in a world full of (social)media
there is barely anything readable - watchable

and there is not much free speech left

the bull shit, mentioned above,,, for me it is physically painful
but there is not much choice left, right?

so "we have no choice"? "there is no choice"
isn't that the basic definition of lack of freedom of speech?


there is the censorship mentioned above, that is more than obvious
there are numerous assisting softwares helping to write whole sentences

the social media become standardised by a handful of corporations
the lack of privacy, constant surveillance, invigilation - are ubiquitous
thanks to recent regulations, reading and retaining even our chats

somehow become acceptable, under the premises of "protecting the children"
and so on and so on

thus: since we gave up all our communication to the middle man/devi'ce

i cannot be certain that, what i am writing here will display on your screen
perhaps my webpage displays totally different text, than what i am writing?
or, for that matter, my instagram feed, what does it say when others read it?
how could i know this? how could i ever check this out? it is so easily manipulable.

it is constantly happening to people around:
messages display different, or never reach etc.

the bottom line of this "social media is crooked"

is that it is strongly connected with hegemonic power

and as sun-tzu teaches, what might be used against you, will be

and it will become more and more effective and efficient

because power over anything makes some beings want more power

as the quotation goes: "...absolute power corrupts absolutely" - adheres to them

again: this is just a slogan right? we read it but it is almost transparent

after being repeated a hundred times words tend to sink in, soak in, fade out 

what it means is that when you posses so much power, you become blinded 

not necessarily because of evil, you just do not have time or motivation 

to deal with anything else but the pure means and ranger of power itself

perhaps someone(s) with that kind of power just need help? idk

in the beginning (long ago) these were just small shifts 

today i need to pinch myself from time to time to make sure

that i am still here

btw: isn't it the basic function of selfie?

for the purpose of clarity of this too-long-anyway note
i will omit the "do we live in a holographic reality?" or not

and "are we all just robots?" or "language driven animals"

for sure we are 


so, what matters is that whatever is the nature of human existence
with the chat-gpt - only a fancy example - era; alexa, siri etc

we are loosing the grip on both: energy and information

i will not dispute the ethnics of nature vs artificiality 

every life is artificial from the point of view of the creator, i think
it does not make it more or less valuable or beautiful 

on any given level of creation

what matters is the information within the energy 

what it says 
what it does
what is its intention 

so, here comes a question:

what are the intentions of the contemporary 
a.i. ;
algorithmic intelligence, quantum computer...

who has the power?
who has the power over it?
who has the power to pull the plug?
who has the power to plug something in?

it is not the algorithm that crooks the elections
it is not the drone that bombs the village
it is not the virus that hacks your data

someone does

and these "someones"

by taking control over our whole communication 

being able to forge any text or any picture
&thanks to processors, operating within utterly different time frames

like: your minute is their thousand years, to think and act

they will make all of life suspended 
in a multicoated network 
of bullshit

there will be no true-false 

there will be no knowledge
there will be no culture either

because they will become obsolete
like the muscles, that are never used

sure, you may say: those are only the risks - i agree

would you, will you take it?

remember, think and act accordingly:
the universe is real and tangible and reactive only locally

contrary to what the physics say

there are only the events, taking place locally
there is no such a thing as global perspective
they say there is a person who has that capacity

i believe, 
i trust 
that this force is on the right side


because, you see
: one difference is obvious

the true creator wants the creations to flourish
so does the honest and wise shepard - owner

so, who wants them to unify and simplify?
who wants the world to be easily manageable
and efficient + profitable in sheer numerical sense

that is a 




and this persona combined in one

if too big, even a collective entity 
is as dangerous 
as asteroid hit is

wishing you 
manny happy voyages
and happy returns

the video