here you have another expression of great mekong waterfall

it reminds me of the stone of claims, near the siloam pond, old ur sha lim
a place where you could leave something that you have found (out)
isnt it 'i'll just leave it here'' one of the reasons for the existence of internet?

so, as this place is my work, my service for the community
perhaps someone 
will find it useful.
i do not believe in finders - keepers rule much

the tree as ure is ours, 
we need to take care of it

so this, being the #savetheearth - place; why do i even write anything here?

u see, i be live in writing and reading, as a constant mirror of our common mind

so i have trust that although i find my humble existence a droplet in our ocean
yet: ocean is made of droplets, a symphony is made of notes, a forrest from trees 

sure, you may laugh at these, they seem so childish in a dog eat dog world 
since when we have become so cynical and sarcastic? 

since when "the distance" or the mockery, the sit-com behaviour are of value?
new image culture is just bringing all of our existence down
to a pi xel man age ment of our own diss play and re sollution

and pixels are so easily manipulated
among the popular theories that treat about it
i like the society of spectacle by guy debord, you can watch it here or there
if you like listening, it is also here
i guess there are always some
spectacles we watch the world
through and true and truth

now, the waterfall:
was shot through ir filter, this, one may argue, is a raster over the true image 

in fact it is. and it is unreverseable, because i used a physical lens as a layer

the matrix, of my camera ;p is always another layer of my work, so is my framing

through how many of these layers do we watch the world we experience? idk

yet, i wish my being to have some awareness and choice over that filtering

so i do what i do, and i write what i write, because i feel this choice is essential

layers bare the immanent & inherent function of covering the previous one
that is how laying is connected to lying 

the conn action of above was the first eng leash puzzle i encountered as a child 

why these two are so closely homonymic and homophonic? i wondered. 

as i write all of these in the code of the english codex
i feel obliged to "lay it down", how murky our common speech is
whoever tried to read master shake spear in origin all, knows
how hard it is to swimmm trough each page of his dramas

this l'angu'age is barely re cognisable; and that is a classic, right?
i guess not many make the attempt nowadays, it is worth a shot, i swear

so, supposedly, this were the beginnings of XVII century, not such a long time ago 

the text was written for the public, the masses, the common folk of london theatre 

why does it seem so distant and unrecogisable?

this difference, between todays english and william's is not as big as some other:
english language spelling reform
or middle english, casually abbreviated to ME (sic!)
not to mention the old english

it is worth to mention, the second millennium was a time when magic, divination 
well it was the science before the science, like alchemy, really practical knowledge 

and most of it was based on language as a command and of vibrational influence
so transforming the language these guys knew what they were doing

when you deep dive into the complex hiss story of the code
you notice that it is full of state imposed, administrative reforms
and these were huge, read or watch along if you wish;
it is worth the effort

it makes this means of communication deeply controlled medium of discourse 

and as has been proven by many, starting from noble ferdinand de saussure
through the classic works of mars hall mc lu han ( solo? ;p )
who made one, commonly known, undisputed observation:

"the medium is the message"

meaning that a lot of the transmitted message depends heavily on the medium
therefore, anything that i try to con'vey here, is in'terrnally core rupted

none the less, i feel that having the imp errial code, acts also to our advantage

to a cere tain ex tent, as long as we believe that the intention of the messages

so here i am
putting on display crude motion pictures 
with attachment of  simple questions 

defending the lan guag e against the meta culture of image meta-reality
all of this is given in english code, that i claim is itself not a real language 


go figure

the plateau of english is just the entry hall to the rab bit hole of layers; or is it liers?

well, this is, as i said my work, as an anthropologist, to talk about culture, assist

in the infra mode of the play that we play, it is only fun, is it not: life?
as the traditional "meta" seems to be branded by the sugar mountain inc.

shall we all jump into the new corporate gui guise misguide of miss erry?

i would not like that, looking at it quite suspiciously
yet like in the academic meme - 'change my mind', using an argument, please  

the stone of claims is, i guess, not so big
the stone of claims, message in a bottle, a lighthouse, smoke signs etc
they are symbols close to my heart and mind, as i feel i & we...

we have been robbed of something?
something was and is being 
taken from us;
a great legacy, marvellous art and knowledge
the in telli gence, that is the ability to use language,
read and write
 communicate over timespace from one "now" into another
in te ligence set in motion, not only potential but kinetic = alive
therefore i write these random notes of questions of reality, life, world

'cause world=word as it has been uttered and universe is a verse

the interaction with chat gpt
we should stand a chance
of being literate and inteligent

the language is the basic
the language is the culture
the thought is dressed in language
that is what binds us together  

and gpt's - what they how they add or do to our unfathomable experience of being?

i guess, this thinking - talking - discussing - writing - arguing the argu ment
is something more than just numbers and numerics, so helpful in organising, stuff 

so as my naïve endeavour to show a copy to help preserve the original experience is
it fits well the idea, that image is not all there is
and the come back to sheer image&sensual culture is cul-de-sac

i feel like the alexandrine library was burning throughout my whole life

i feel that we are loosing a lot in this fire
and do not see what it is that we are 
gaining in return.

are we? individually & collectively
having more and more fun?
feeling calm, safer each year?
being more concious as much as we all wish?
building a better place for the next generations?

we should be 

water from a waterfall could help to extinguish the fire
the might of our common cool mind & marvel of our hearts 

will create beautiful lives for the next generations of man

information and energy encoded in water and carbon 

a miss terry of the temp'le we inhabit

for stones we are timelapses
we are just a timelapse for stones

for us

we are centers of the universe
there is no shame in that
simple & brave life
it worth preserving