i wonder how it is, in the distant future
imagined by the writer of these words

when you might be reading it
 did it, from your perspective, happen?

did humanity man age?
did it grow up?

'cause, from the perspective of today, a good future seems easy

there is abundance of food to feed everyone on the planet
there are phenomenal agricultural traditions and new technologies

all of it when combined, they could work miracles of true nutrition 

we have also reached the limits of effectiveness its this area

so agricultural production is unbelievably great and still developing

so i imagine a future when and where:
all the basic food is accessible for free - you never worry about it

the places called supermarkets work the same
but some of them are community-ran

they just have the products on display - take what you want

that is the, let's say 100 basic raw products

there are more than than sufficient resources to build a home in my times

for each family on earth 
for each person on earth

this is more than obvious 
so i hope you have managed to do this

so that everybody feels safe
 and has a cosy place and time to sleep

and these values are never endangered
and there is no competition over this, that is madness

the local communities have the decisive voice on how to rule the neighbourhood
the state barely existent - obsolete, only a care taker, the local police are guardians 

the humans realised that there is no real conflict between the people

the humans live exactly where they live, one day after another

the national and international conflicts are just a sick fantasy of some beings
 therefore popular global disarmament happened really quickly

the humans just realised that...
there was nothing to fight for, and they had better 
things to do

the money as a means of transferring value - does it exist in your future?
i guess you need to have some token of exchange of value-energy, that is currency
yet the idea to make profit from lending this currency (like crypto) for profit

over some period of fantasy called "time" - no longer believed in my futuristic wish
the idea that you can get richer because you are already rich is just laughable
you can never get so rich to just stay stupid and do nothing and maximise wealth
money/currency, was not so important throughout history, it can change any day

you are as wealthy as you are, prepare meals of the community provided products 
and just do nothing your whole life; you are free to do things or not to do them

yet, would anyone really want to "do nothing" throughout the whole experience?

that is the role of  family, nuclear and extended to help you grow your uniqueness
this is also a role of community: localised or delocalised, to be together, support each other

'cause life, as i get it, is designed as a learning realm
and you learn best when you play

so for the most of their lives people



make music
create all sorts of stuff

have all sorts of fun and pleasure

and just do absolutely nothing: explore the mind,

just stay present, aware, meditate if they wish

why would't they?
life was created for this

wasn't it?


you, for sure you have lots of time ;)
 in the future
lots of now

since you have realised that there is only the process, only "the now"

you started to value this stream of events you create and participate in
the technology, already in my times, would allow people to have 10/20 hour working week
, i mean work: what you do for the community, how you contribute how you serve others; 
there is no job like in the book of job, there is no tra-bajo, because 'tra" means technology. 
there is no mindless business of bull shit jobs. there is gastronomy, tailoring, electronics, fittness, cosmetics, vj divination? etc

since you have realised that there is only the process, only "the now"

all the basic infrastructural processes like monetary management, communication became commodities: as basic, as invisible as electricity or sewage systems today
like the internet that serves as a means of communication and a learning tool marketplace
 while publicly accessible for free and as the forefathers planned it:
a decentralised 
socially controlled network of information exchange
pure and simple
all sorts of mind control
all sorts of mind messing
and total invigilation

so, you have a lot of free time 
to spend time with your family

to travel the earth with your family and alone

because you have time, not the other way around - time does not have you

because food housing and transportation are so easily accessible
and people are curious - who are you stranger?
they are hospitable
and have time for you

so you can go
visit the diverse peoples and cultures
learn with your beloved ones as you travel
arranging this adventures as you are connected to various networks of interest

all of this is possible and easily reachable today
thanks to amazing technological, artistic and humanistic progress
that we have 
collectively made 

will it all get consumed by numbers?

i wonder

the numbers are innocent, like the algorithms
they would and will help organise and synchronise this unbelievable beauty
also the wealth that is already created, will help to build healthy society

when redirected, well distributed, while driven by responsible humans of good will
because there will be no tyranny and greed and systemic violence or surveillance
because these tree were just bugs, errors, forces aimed at destroying the life

i am a dreamer
today i am a dreamer even more so

so i let myself believe
 that you could send, a postcard 

from your future "now" and answer all of my questions


the file