just a random moment: earth in 2017
not perfect, no investment involved
just some people like you and i
doing their everyday stuff

yet this place: a small world
untouched by commerce, polution
if you are watching this in 2456
in a base on one of the moons of jupiter
think of me like i was thinking about you
while harvesting this

if you have watched it
did you notice anything peculiar?
it is not a set up
we were simply so beautiful
in our simple village life
still naturally synchronised

living for under one dollar a day
just left in peace in our community 

without ideology and political nonsense

if you are watching this in some distant future

may you reflect on that and perhaps
find same space rock for your people
simple life is not so bad. i swear
it is not the competition and profit
it is connection, friendship

plastic will never be wood

no matter, how hard they try

to con vince you

the ori gene

download - if you wish, sure