this is just a pond, unnamed spot, in the middle of nowhere
you manipulate light, just a little and everything changes - can you see?
so what is and how is the relation between us - creatures built of light
i believe, that it is essential to know what and how influences the life

our behaviour: what is the magic craft  behind the scenes?

so it goes with the com man da tory character of language
as i come from the so-called judeo-christian culture

i started with hebrew-aramaic and greek - the scripts of bible

especially that i was missing this part of classical education

which was the basic of the basic at a level of secondary education

before the second world war: french, latin, greek - the classics

what motivated me more was the question of power:  my focus

in the course of my studies at the university, was the dynamics

of power. and what you need to have total control over population?

of a city state, a space station, an empire - you name the scale?

you need only to control two currencies - two major flows,

at least at a level of perception accessible to my existence: 

- money = effort = energy = time

- language = meaning = hierarchy = identity 

these are the basics, building blocks of civilisation, aren't they?

you could also control all the senses, the sensoric - empiric data
if you could have this:  the mastery of the suposedly "objective"
the things we see, hear, smell and touch - you would be the god
in the most all encompasing meaning of this word: god most high
yet let us keep talking about the civilisation only, not the universe

so as i learned only latin - the code forged out of greek, etruscan etc

i started digging into the fascinating world of hebraic script
cause as i learned at school: that was the place to start: the eden.

you know? with adam and eve, and the snake ofc (of "smokeless fire"?)

sure, a reader engaged in in-depth understanding, gnosis (or gen-o-sis?)
= knowledge, will see right trough many of the words that i mention here

and they will justly do so, all of the scripts that we use are symbolic

like the names of some places that are not so obvious at first glance

like: geneva = genevieve = kenowefa = guinevere = ginebra = jennifer
does the list of names follow with demeter? de meter, de me terr and more?
'cause you could go east with your fonetic search and find diana, joan,
joanna, jana, diana therefore dhyana; you could also go south - su'mer
you could also read the history of the place: the city and the country
when you sur vey: look closer at just this one word of many languages
you may also dis cover that letters j and g are doubles of the same letter
in other instances this happends with "j" ;  "i" and "y" and many others
so within 'time' the langu ages got comp lex and con fu sing within signs
of the very same language

this quiet, peaceful swiss town, bears the name of the ancient goddess
so symbolic and full of meaning that it deserves a library of it's own

this was a beautiful discovery for me once: i didn't realise it, until i did.
this is only to support my pov, that the outer layer of language is obscure

and an outer layer that is obscure, tends to darken and hide what is beneath.

i also feel, that perhaps all these language - puzzles i write about
are obvious for everyone beside me - that makes it the more funny then
though: i believe that some good soul will approach me and say:

everyone knows this bro! just give it a break. please do so, if that's the case p;

so coming back to the archetypal figure of genevieve:

archetypes seem important in the era where and when role models
are kind of, how to put it? not so very inspiring at times? 

whose your hero?:  i'd like to ask my hypothetical children, right?
and please oh please that the answer would not be the name of

some popstar: the holly-would or a singer like a produced franchise
or a disney style one dimentional type of teletubies peppa-pig-mash'a
again: "let it be", let it go, let it flow as it is, sure. yet: not in my world.

as i read mythologies of past, premodern times, of goddesses, gods,
heroines and heroes: these figures were impressive, weren't they?
like buddhas, as there were many of them beside shakyamuni, and their
adventures, ethics, behaviour, relations, the important words they uttered
or for that matter technical practices of ancient wisdom, like: breathing
there was something more to it than just: get laid, rich, famous and so on :)

soooo, the genevieve - jennifer - joanna - jana - diana? the mother?
the preindustrial energy of feminine fertility- life giving - creation?
at the level of linguistics: what are "gen" and "eve" doing in the city name?
is it just a coincidence or coin-psy-dance so to speak?
also in proto germanic kenowefa:  "ken" = race / kind "wefa" = woman

also in english the terms men and women are quite recent in his toric terms
the long lasting forms previous forms were: wer(e) and wif(e),  function - wise,

gender-wise; there is also a nice explanation to the provenience of the term 

"bad" - as denoting evil / malevolence:  comes from 'baddel' - "a womanish male"

the protogermanic syllable 'ken' occurs also in protoindoeurpean [pie]
(that is the hypothetic construct of reverse linguistics for the language 

that most of european, beside albanian or basque  derive from )

but we can find 'ken' also in hebrew, that is theoretically a semi-thick code
not from the protoindoeuropean root

in hebrew, ken - means "how it should be" -  the proper way of doing things
"thus" - core rect, also con temporary as a short answear: "correct!" = s ur e

hence: the "citizen kane"? or kenny, kendall, kendrick, not to mention 

kennedy - the clan :) or the ken of mat ell - the castrated barbie-boy-friend
are the can aanites involved here? or the is ra elites only? just kidding you 

how is it? where is the wisemen to shed some light on it?  i like light.
going through life in darknesses of chinese whispers is extremely tiresome
so, i have trust, that the times of true lightness are coming, for us.
when we retrieve some of lost meaning for our lives, beside sheer numbers.

still: hebrew is fascinating exactly because the letters are also numbers
this script was formulated before the arabic numeric signs arrived
and, to give it some more gravitasse to  the supposed biblical language
not only letters have their numeric value: the words have their value

in mathematical sense,  also the letters have their unique 
symbolic meaning.
so the numeric value of the words is often 
mutually interrelated - basically speaking the whole "scripture"
 both in greek and hebrew is a multilevel

semantic and mathematical puzzle, ingenious

no wonder that a diaspora of people... studying this book of books
for years and years and years within their families, communities
discussing their findings among friends, peers, scholars and so on
unveiling layer after layer, discovering treasure after treasure
could form a closed or cloaked ethnoconfesional circles, while
they were also sharing other specific dialects like ladino or jidish
and sharing the passion for trade and financial services craft,
...looked down at the common christian  that wasn't getting even five
percent of the richness of the phenomena, at the same time boasting
due to possesing the secret of the only true re legion, be lief. hill arious.

not to mention the fact that the literacy rate / factor skyrocketed
in XX century, being kept really low for centuries and millennia

reading so called "bible" in english is like reading a regular print
blindfolded, hoping to feel the meaning like if it was a braille script
this way of reading "the scripture" is like licking the ice cream
through a tinfoil - you sure can do it, it gives some sensation, it is
also an engaging and time consuming activity, it's a bussiness
meaning that it keeps you busy

i refer to imperial english constantly, as i do write in this code, yet
the things i say consider any language touched by the christian virus
besides, the ceremonial language of roman church until recently
was latin, what made the texts absolutely obscure for the majority.

coming back to the hebraic coding: these kind of structures have
an inherent stratifying function within a certain society / community
it is fairly easy to discover talents - the wit: sharpens of the mind
and the diligent, hard working kids, or the ones that need attention

this is just fantastic, and it is a never ending story because within the times
that were changing, the new, hermeneutically or phenomenologically
speaking, interpretations came so you could discuss them across generations.

bible is a fantastic book of instructions of code of conduct: "how to proceed"
one of my favourites, that i keep coming back to is the one of genesis 41
the well known history of jewish boy named joseph/ yusuf, that was sold
as a slave by his own brothers, out of jealousy, being the youngest sibling,
who rises as a clerk / advisor / consultant to the pharaoh of the egipt / khemet

his career speeds up after he interprets the pharaohs revolving dreams
about seven skinny cows eating the seven fat cows, as the menace of
seven years of unique prosperity being followed by seven years of drought
the slave-jewish whizz kid has also a solution of how should the mon(?)arch
behave in such a precarious situation: a nationwide algorithm / procedure
basing on his interpretation of apparently divine vi'sion of the sun-god-king

thanks to his god-given wisdom, pharaoh sets an extra taxation on crops
quite a high one, because it amounts to one fifth of crops and enforces
storage it in purposefully built granaries

to cut the long story short: so it happens, the blessed-by-god jewish boy
oversees the confiscation of produce, the slave-powered granary building
and all of the masterplan that takes seven years

it must have been also technologically impressive, because the storage of
grain is not an easy task at all: in such a hot and moist climate as of khem

let me interrupt here with a minuscule anthropo/archeo/nutritional digression:
it is worth mentioning, as we are discovering the dangers if gluten rich diet,
that according to some archeologists, what was until now perceived as
a civilisational advantage: the cultivation of cereals, brought along a lot of
dangers concerning problems of bacterial and especially fungal aetiology
not to mention that it was rather weakening for previously hunter - gatherer
communities, made them dependable on the low in vitamin and micro element,
low on rich in fat and protein but high on carbohydrates mono dietary nonsense

really easy to govern, not very mobile anymore - tied to their fields and animals
really easy to conquer if needed and kept in obedience: deprived of the hunting
and foraging traditions, knowledge, experience, functions, ranges, readiness
especially during the dry or cold seasons they become dependent on grain only.

there is also a patriarchal thread here: the role of woman as breadwinners
of families diminished with so-called neolithic revolution and their feeling
of independence must had also drop by a lot - a common sense obviousness

so, coming back to our joseph/yusuf divi nation gen ious: the pre diction
was fulfilled, and the popular topos of seven years of prosperity followed by
period of crisis is well established within our popular culture - consciousness

don't we live in this reality, whether the grain is the grain of wheat or gold?
and the ox ford experts are always busy ex plaining, "why the shit hit the fan"
this is, after all, their job: to diss cause, not to find a solution, to find it not :)
to be honest finding a solution to  problems is counterproductive in  a cabal cable 
uroboros - marrygoarround system: it is to be a mind numbing roundabout

yet, what is not so well known is what was the overthetop practice advised
by our joseph
- jo seph: is that when the thin years of drought and hunger
come: the god-given wisdom helps the pharoah buy the land and all of
their belongings for a penny worth of grain (that they are so dependent on)
people do not want to die of starvation so they buyback previously confiscated
grain just to make their living continue, and wait for the better times to come.
putting the pharoah in a position of the sole land owner in the country
andall of the inhabitants as his slave-like employee-workers on his land
plus: the emergency extra taxation on crops was kept for good, white collar scheme where both the joseph and pharoah get to be perceived as the saviours of people ;p

and this feudal, gentrificating, power-law-enforcement supported procedure
is something we are very familiar with throughout the history and nowadays

are we not?

all this included in just one touching story of a slave boy, that was god-blessed
and you just get the massive enslavement procedure ex plained like a fairytale.
you can also play wit'h it, create fake crisis of multiple kinds and explain it later on with "human nature" or "greediness" inherent in all - human - animal, irresistible.
you can build one crisis upon another, profiting of it all the time as it is today

why is it, that the crisis repeats with every generation?
isn't there something peculiar about this memory loss?

if; if it was only happening over this century long time
i mean: since the so-called great depression in 19' 20-ies
and then the system would reset itself for the production
of new masses of entities for whichever market it does so

yet, the money/numbers accumulate more and more
each time this happens thanks to greater inequality
of the access to information, due to bigger and bigger
financial market "technologicalli-ty"
...finesse of the fintech fees and fines fine finality of the mandelbrot set?

still, you might say, the numbers are nothing, just a fugazi
like the programs running this whole scheme, a.i. right?
hopefully the programs are having fun, are they, are you?

yet, the numbers get converted into the wealth and health
the wealth being: the real estate and/or healthy businesses,
fundamentally stable companies's stock market shares

hoarding power and other types of influence, wealth, almost endlesly, until one day might want to become the master of all the planets / planes? why not? 
aren't we getting close? given the monopolist practices of bayer-monsanto-de-puta, 
if you monopolise the plants, nutrients, waters, weather, thought - why not the air?

i think every monopoly is a mistake, from a purely systemic point of view,
not functional, 
easily corruptible, not competitive in a proper manner
at the same time: there is a line. there is a line of gaining power, after crossing it, you cannot help yourself, you are blind, you need some help from outside

it is a story of gollum, the ring-seduced kings of man, contemporary billionaires,

and church:

as it is not so hard to guess, i am not a  idola trick idio tick groupie of big-bearded 
cabrones, like not a huge fan of pop-star-pedophiles & sexual molesters, hookers.
especially that all of these ideologies clearly forbid producing any kind of image
of the highest power, creative force, and profiting from assisting religious practice.

but, building not one but 3 biggest social business enterprises, exactly basing on 
breaking the most important rules of the game, and putting yourself on a position
of gatekeepers gatekeepers gatekeepers gatekeepers gatekeepers gate keep errs?

and all this basing on one babilonian text
that is a set of myths and tales and legends
not jewish, neither christian, nor islamic

because: imagine: you take out the very genetic myth
the one that is supposed to explain our existence
the pre dar-win-ic ontology of western human being

(the book of) gen-e-sis

without the book of gen e sis - the whole sis tem (ple) is down
the house of cards does not need a kick or a blow to fall down

i am far from questioning the very book, quite the contrary
this is an open invitation to a typically talmudic - mishnaic type of play
it is the very core practice: discuss, discuss, question, interpret, go deeper

perhaps we got lazy? with the sacrum? undervaluing the spiritual technology?

today, western society is deep into the identity crisis. or is it more? 
is the crisis global? there are more voices to confirm this hypothesis, of priests among them.

well, if the churches - religions of the plain, and entities working in the re legion businesses were to be given a note, it would be one off the scale, don't you think?

monotheism: you failed big time
your note, your mark, is way below zero,
would it be better if you have never existed
or is it an evolutionary stage?
it is time to shut dow your shops
or change behaviour
get to do something valuable
for your communities
you do not believe your spam yourselves

madowell bar owner, never o never eats the shit they sell
exactly like you never eat the dog food, but feed the dog with it
this is a behaviour characteristic for many human beings
fee'ding each other with the cheep shit for a maximum fee

when did this start? the depreciation of basic solidarity, dignity?
is it a legacy of some war conflict? when the survival depended on it?
or is the species so majorly stupid to build hell for themselves?
bottomless, because this process of mediocrity has no end.
can the society get cheaper and cheaper; any cheaper than now?

should we really admire the ingenuity of to-rah and the culture build around it
we should star't looking up to the cast that endured so much, and kept their
identity, no matter ethnical diversity, and lack of their own rightful state

we could really learn a lot, be mindful of this language and other phenomena
the exam ple comes usually from the top, and this is only natu ral, isn't it?
truelly ingenious and worth attention in the opinion of the humble writer

but this is a purely systemic - linguistic di ver ti men to, pardon the digressions

so we have the alphanumeric system of deeply coded multipurpouse knowledge
again: there are whole libraries written about it, and i am not en expert.

the knowledge of deciphering - interpreting this script known as "gem a'tria"

it is worth looking up, especially if you are a developer - coder

not to mention that english has it's own gematria: a clockwork orange :)

and of course there is the basic soundwave - phonemic aspect of language

if we take it as basic layer of our usage of it: the spoken, phonetic

layer; we get all sorts of homophonic - similar sounding words

that group into interesting homophonic and homonymic - written

identically and carrying multiple and complex symbolic, families 

for instance: did you ever wonder why swear
means talk dirty

and also oath, promise?
and what does this coin ci dance
do to the nature of 
"swearing" in both cases;
given that talking is doing
ma king
: man i fest ing

like the ubiquitous particle "ur" connection with civilisation

or, my favourite
this is the moment when you think:
is this for real right now?

am i a joke to you?

is this all a joke (well, sure it is)?

the word 'kerethi' means
"the foreign bodyguard of king david"
wait a second: ke re thi? like the sho to can kind of stuff?
yeah, but that could happen, right? 

there was a traveller...
who jut happened to know karate...

...and he was appointed to king david as security


but the keret hite means executioner

like in "here-tics"
and that makes sense
'cause "karath"  means "to cut"
like in the diamond measure of karat

and that is how diamonds and karate are con neck ted 

and why karate is known as a knowledge of brick breaking

another one:
oth - is a sign

uth - to consent, agree

one could argue that is has come resemblance to "oath"

though these kind of connections cannot be found 

in any etymological dictionaries whatsoever
although some schollars ask similar questions

and because there are numerous such cases
and occur in the core of the english language 

there must have been some gap(s) or a mis take

in language history that apparently is worth looking at

sure, you could say all of this is
 only -ish:
kin'd of wisdom-ish or child-ish ken'ow'ledge

yet: since "ish" means - people in hebrew

so why not look closer at what 
he 'brew' in 'angl-ish'?

who is he? the one
 - who brews?

as, for many of the inhabitants of this place

life has become quite miserable recently

so where are the shepards? managers? owners?

of this earthly realms - a king? possibly?

the masters of the coin? - or the masters of the con?
service designers of life - experience
this is only a humble, polite question,
coming from a heart that, i feel as a kind one.

so here: please do not misunderstand my intentions
i am not angry, at anything, or even upset or suspicious

do not have hate in my heart, for anything or anyone
meaning the ubiquitos "antysemithic" suspicion whenever
the word "jewish" appears

as i tend to have and present a critic point of view on this website

this should be underlined firmly: i think that "hate" is a trap for haters.

this is the look in the eyes of the madman who suddenly "got it all".
i do not get it - that is the whole point of asking questions, isn't it?

recently i am not even worried or preoccupied, concerned
i rather find worth sharing: these things that i found out of
hoping for some  people of  wisdom to read these questions
and tell me, speak up, explain, argue ment

what to do with all this?
how to make sense out of this
nonsensical nonsensual irreality

since we are so into communication and information
perhaps it is time to leave the babbel mumble?

btw: you are right, i don't know what i am doing here
i am lost, have no idea beside "i know that i don't know"
i wonder if you know better? and if so why wouldn't
you share this knowledge?

somehow this figure,
like in yoga or iceskating, is significant,
:of a lost person, surrounded by wise(r)man
yet no one said a word to help
is liberating: it whipes the "who am i?" out
leaving the blade runner question on the top:

"who are you?"

in the meantime: enjoy the ambience