just a simple dawn in beskid mountains
in the village of polany, may 2017 (i think)
in the beginning of the clip you can hear my noise
i am not much of a cinematographer, you know

i confess that i am not some great traveler either
like the indiana jones or david attenborough
never had the means for that kind of scale
but that was the dream - to see&show the place

yet i did my part: i had my slice of the cake ;p
the simple adventures do not require a lot, only time

there was one project that i did four years ago
that gave me an extra kick to post this stuff online
i was working for a hospice - talking to terminally sick people

what i learned was that many of us
never experience: the mountains or the ocean, sea
and as thought: the view and sound of a meadow
are perhaps something they would need more
than another bullshit copy-paste tv series
while they are dying

yet also, what is the scale of the inequality
since some beings just never make it
to the forest
to the mountains
to the sea

out of the city cage
out of the treadmill
they have no time
for life

food for thought
& some soothing sound&view
for lovely places like detroit
or hong kong

green greetings

& herehere