an illusionary forest
hidden gem of south goa
polem, beach!
one of the few pristine places
of my life

i guess
this is not in line wit’h my 1:1 paradigm
well: a remix of deoxyribonucleic acid
& lysergic acid diethylamide
how would you like that?
i guess both fruits are worth trying
in right conditions, in the right company
not necessarily people, you know?
i would get high with master yoda
in the right cosmic moment - zen

in the vast space of the universe
state controlled substances?- a joke
you cannot and will not ban what is
both: our heritage and progress
also: when you feel truly free
you do not need alcohol, joint or benzo…

friends, dancing, music are the highest of high
yet day by day the state & corporate world
try to control even our friendship and family
did you notice? time to talk about this stuff


so is this a wallpaper, or what?
is there a real place coloured like that?
pandora, earth, naboo - are only names
the places are worth preserving though

a screensaver for your afk moments
an experience for a… …dentist waiting room?
i guess it is what it is, for me that is true silence
just close your eyes & immmmmmmmerse

the bay is called polem beach
the raikar family that owns it - beautiful
thank you akshay, dear friend
i found true home in this cove
a truth harbour of simple beach life
great people of the small village
and especially the crew:
mohan, prashant - miss you guys!

& sure you can download

here's a monochromatic bonus track:

same place
same sound
yet so different, yet so different
this is the colour of my country
central europe blocks of flats

endless concentration camps
different to north korea?

only due to mainstream narrative
been there, done that   

btw: this is the hue that you get
when you mix all the colours together

this is the one ideology reality
one religion,
one currency, one culture

this is the globalised human uniformity
very efficient, very cost effective
when you watch this - i spend less
because the bitrate is so low

think of diversity, the colour
and its influence on our being

are the word of above 
with facebook community standards


the vid: save in your archive if you wish