#0055 [v] the holly mountain

#0055 [v] the holly mountain

the holly mountain, the one
i was lucky to find her
been climbing ever since
she is cloudy, mysterious
amazingly beautiful

like the himalayan climbers (respect!)

could not resist her calling
although i knew that, possibly
this climb would be the last thing
i will ever do

actually: it has never spoke to me
could i hear her whispering once:
"this is the one"
or was it only my imagination?

sure she does whisper
capriciously, as she should
because she is a vol cano
a sleeping beauty
and i am a romantic
like that. you know?

yet: all or nothing
cause life is long
may we all have a chance
to chase our dreams

i will post a "whispering version"
one day, i believe i will

the artefact on the picture is pico de teide
the highest mountain of spain
hidden on a marvellous island of tenerife

the video is from 2015
mas o menos? - give or take?
it is faster than in actuality  

for technical - cinematographic reasons
yet it depicts the magnitude of impression
otherwise the material is pure 1:1
hasn't been colour graded
or intermingled with in any way

so, what i also find interesting:
the objects that appear within the frame
they are not stars, what are they than?

can you explain please?
i am not an astronomer
just a simple anthropologist

& anthropology is like the history of the present
:preserving the view i had in mind, and my heart
the future museum of the earth’s night sky
before the planned satellite junkyard
that might surround us one day

let us not get surrounded by junk
because world is only as strong
as the people
watching it

some music:

advertising is killin the joy (is that the purpose?)
oh, just adblock, bypass the system, it will eat its tail
we grow
although, i do not uderstand

yet i trust
there comes a time
for everyone
let us preserve
the timespace
for everyone
in the comos

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