#0001 [a/v] the perfect storm

#0001 [a/v] the perfect storm

There are moments in life when we want to say something important, even crucial. Like when you are a lookout or an officer on watch of a transatlantic and suppose you notice an iceberg on a collision course. When there is a comet approaching the Earth - you shout: ’look up’! . Mythologically speaking  it is exactly the same situation - and all of it could be dramatically shown in a bath tub using an action camera. One could ask: why bother engaging the big budgets and the whole shebang?  Apparently, recent humanity likes this motif, and we tend to repeat it to ourselves on and on. After all, ”people” feel mostly as life spectators? Who can blame ”people” or you, or i for that matter, for being mesmerized by this massive catastrophe that got created and which impact point we are living through exactly right now.

It is so impressive because it is total: it includes everyone on the planet. It led to the extinction, that we are observing today. it is also an extinction of our biological species and cultures as we know it. We tend to think of anthropocene, that is ourselves - humans and all of our creation, as a fact from the past - we got used to it. The case is: that has been said for so many times, right? ’Yeah, yeah extinction’: it is just one of many news of everyday, one of hashtags, trending topics, a genre of art - sure: the extinction art, the extinction performance and so on, and so forth. We are the doomsday generations.

So: we all see it, right? What is advertised the surface - the ”environmental catastrophe” . Beneath the surface there is a huge power structure misuse going on for millennia: incompetence and exploitation. There is the monetary - banking global quagmire. The huge powers of today: economic political and religious seem all a joke to i - no offense intended. Water shortages and wildfires are a thing; land, sand and oil supply don’t seem to be infinite anymore. Not to mention the infamous virus. A blind-man could tell, with a naked eye  - we have a bunch of global problems and each of these leads to, how to call it? The MAD-ness, where ’MAD’ stands for: Massively Advertised Destruction.

No #shoutout needed and we may have a huge doomsday party, right? Since we all know it, and accept it. That’s what i would do - love to party! We just immerse in it fully and enjoy. Talk about it or not, definitely we could do two things: look around and see for the last time what is being destroyed and collect these in a form of motion pictures. Who knows: perhaps some of us will survive in this way or another.

That is the main goal of this place: a selfie for the planet.